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As part of a Core Curriculum the following steps provide some guidance to you during your "onboarding" stage as a P/CRCL officer.

  • Meet with your Fusion Center Director to discuss how responsibility for the various privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties functions, protections, and roles are distributed among the various fusion center staff. Before the meeting, download and review a summary of the federal guidance on the P/CRCL function (8pp | 237kb | PDF) at fusion centers. You may wish to use it as a checklist to guide your discussion of the scope of your responsibilities.
  • Review your center's P/CRCL policy. To get a sense of how your policy has been customized for your center, compare your policy to the Fusion Center Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Policy Template (62pp | 1.5mb | PDF) that most centers used as the foundation for their policies.
  • Questions to ask your director or others familiar with the genesis of the policy:
    • When was it implemented? (The earlier the life of your center, the more likely it will have stock language).
    • Has it been reviewed and changed / customized in the last few years? (The goal is to engage staff in rewriting as operations evolve. Too limiting? Too broad?)
  • Set interviews with the various stakeholders with whom you will be interacting, including those representing federal agency partners, such as the DHS Intelligence Officer assigned to your center and the former P/CRCL Officer, if s/he is available. Sample stakeholder questions.

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Key stakeholders envisioned by the P/CRCL guidance documents.

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Source: The DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and the DHS Privacy Office.
Last date page updated: 08/13/13 (CRCL)

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