Sharing With International Partners

The interagency Foreign Government Information Sharing Working Group, led by the Department of State (DOS).

Strong and effective cooperation with our foreign partners is a vital component of the global war on terrorism. Sharing of terrorism information between Federal departments and agencies and foreign partners and allies is therefore essential, and policies and procedures to facilitate this information access and exchange must be established.

Shared Security Partnership with our Foreign Partners

The United States is not the only government in the world that is concerned about threats to its borders, or its interests abroad. Information sharing with our partners abroad is a key component in completing the puzzle of threats to national security.

The United States Government has several agreements and programs in place to help facilitate the sharing of that information, while also protecting information on US Citizens and the citizens of other nations.

DOS established the Foreign Government Information Sharing Working Group in November 2005 to meet Presidential Guideline 4 requirem ents by providing recommendations for appropriate legislative, administrative, and policy changes to improve the sharing of terrorism information with foreign partners and allies, except for those activities conducted pursuant to sections 102A(k), 104A(f), and 119(f)(1)(E) of the National Security Act of 1947.

The recommendations address bi-directional sharing of information with foreign governments, i.e., facilitating appropriate dissemination and protection of U.S. information given to fo reign partners and also protecting information provided to the United States by foreign partners, while still allowing for maximum dissemination, when appropriate. The working group also recommended that the President issue a memorandum that provides specific steps that departments and agencies should take to develop an appropriate internal and international framework for information sharing with foreign partners.

The implementation of the foreign government information sharing recommendations will occur over Phases 1 and 2 of the overall ISE development. Federal departments and agencies will begin implementing the Presidential Guideline 4 Working Group's recommendations once they are approved by the President in the following priority areas:

Presidential Guideline 4 excluded from the working group's consideration and recommendations those activities conducted pursuant to Sections 102A(k),104A(f), and 119(f)(1)(E) of the National Security Act of 1947.

Information Sharing Environment Implementation Plan

  1. Ensuring proper handling and protections of U.S. and foreign government classified, sensitive, and other restricted information;
  2. Ensuring that sharing with foreign partners and allies does not compromiseprivacy protections and is in accordance with requirements for sharing U.S.person information;
  3. Facilitating appropriate and timely sharing of terrorism information between the United States and foreign partners;
  4. Ensuring that agencies have necessary information regarding foreign government domestic regimes and practices; and
  5. Developing an appropriate international framework to facilitate information sharing while affording necessary protections.

Presidential Guideline 4, the Secretary of State and the interagency Foreign Government Information Sharing Working Group, in coordination with the PM-ISE, developed recommendations approved by the President to facilitate terrorism information sharing with foreign partners and allies.

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Source: The DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and the DHS Privacy Office.
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