DRAFT - New P/CRCL Officer's Orientation Sample Questions

The fusion center has many functions and responsibilities fulfilled by the P/CRCL Officer. Discuss how the center is meeting these obligations by using these questions to start conversations with your colleagues about your new role as the P/CRCL Officer at the fusion center. Answering these questions will help you better understand how your responsibilities relate to the management of the center's privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties protections and processes.

1) Who took the lead on developing the P/CRCL policy for the center? Do we have a P/CRCL oversight board or committee? What is my role with the oversight board or committee?

2) Who serves as legal counsel for the fusion center? Who serves as security liaison? How do those functions support my role as P/CRCL Officer?

3) How have the center's P/CRCL compliance verification reviews been handled? What is expected from my position in the process? How have the P/CRCL audits been handled? When is the next audit? What is my role?

4) Does this center produce Intel products? Who handles the P/CRCL reviews before dissemination? How will I be involved? If I do not concur, what will the process be?

5) Who has the lead on 28 C.F.R. Part 23 compliance oversight?

6) How has the P/CRCL Officer been involved in:

  • Reviewing both existing and new plans, policies, and procedures for P/CRCL implications?
  • Annual training for fusion center staff, outside personnel, and Fusion Center Liaison Officers on the P/CRCL policy?
  • Reviewing proposed purchases of new IT systems and databases for privacy considerations?
  • Maintaining records of P/CRCL violations?
7) Will I be involved in outreach to the public, advocacy groups, media, or legislative queries on P/CRCL issues?

8) What specialized training resources are available to assist in developing excellence in my role as P/CRCL Officer?

Source: The DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and the DHS Privacy Office.
Last date page updated: 7/12/13 (CRCL)

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