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The CRCL Institute maintains a small lending library of training skills books for use by Fusion Center P/CRCL Officers who wish to refine their training presentation, design, evaluation skills. These are just a sampling of books available on these topics from professional trainer sources.


"ASTD's Ultimate Train the Trainer: A Complete Guide to Training Success", (291 pp.) If you need to deliver a train-the-trainer workshop, you'll appreciate the organization of this book: from checklists for planning and preparing for the training session; to detailed, step-by-step instructions for learning activities that cover adult learning theory, assessment, training design and delivery, and evaluation.


"Informal Learning Basics", (221 pp.) Provides training and development professionals with guidance and practical lessons on harnessing the vast potential of informal learning in their organizations. This book will assist you in recognizing and utilizing the informal learning possibilities in your company, and will show you how to create a framework of highly cost-effective training opportunities and a culture of improved performance.


"Train the Trainer - Volume 1: Foundations & Delivery", (265 pp.) One of the InfoLine series which will help you refine your skills as a trainer. It discusses learning theory, training styles and methods, presentation and deliver and evaluation. This is a useful guide to becoming a successful trainer.

"Training Basics: Tips, Tools, and Intelligence for Trainers", (313 pp.) One of the InfoLine series which helps the new trainer face training challenges. Through this book, the trainer will gain new awareness, knowledge and skills and learn how to also be a good facilitator. Gives tips on useful icebreakers and how to manage difficult participants. The training also explains the four levels of evaluation, using web 2.0 technologies, and designing for the virtual classroom.


"Train the Trainer Volume 3: Training Programs", (270 pp.) One of the InfoLine series which will help you to facilitate and use a variety of classroom training techniques and know their value to your audience. You will learn the aspects of designing a meeting or agenda. Each section offers resources and references and job aids.

Interested in any of these books?

Fusion Center P/CRCL Officers may borrow any of these books for 30 days. The CRCL Institute will ship you the book and offer telephone technical assistance, if requested. Email your requests to FusionCenterTraining@hq.dhs.gov or call 202-357-6260.

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