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The CRCL Institute maintains a small lending library of training skills books for use by Fusion Center P/CRCL Officers who wish to refine their training presentation, design, evaluation skills. These are just a sampling of books available on these topics from professional trainer sources.


"Design for How People Learn", (259 pp.) Learn how people focus, learn, and remember to create materials that enable your audience to gain and retain the knowledge and skills you are sharing. In this book you will design to make yourself a better learner, attract and maintain your audience's attention, effectively communicate your knowledge to others, and make learning stick.


"Train the Trainer - Volume 2: Instructional Design and Implementation", (274 pp.) An InfoLine Collection Series focusing on designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating training materials. You will gain an understanding of instructional design and learn how to develop a curriculum. You'll get a firm foundation in conducting needs analysis, design and development, and identifying key objectives and learn how to develop effective job aids.


"Instructional System Development: Tips, Tools, and Intelligence for Trainers", (302 pp.) An InfoLine Collection Series on the basics of Instructional Systems Development. Discusses what ISD is, and the ADDIE Model of ISD Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation, Objectives, Evaluation. Includes an instructional design checklist.


"Design Engaging Software Training", (16 pp.) An InfoLine just-in-time publication that will explain how to create and facilitate engaging and effective software training. It displays best practices for instructional design of classroom software training and presents challenges a trainer will face. It explores how to craft motivational statements that help participants want to learn.


"Train the Trainer Volume 3: Training Programs", (270 pp.) One of the Infoline Series which will help yo to facilitate and use a variety of classroom training techniques and know their value, aspects of designing a meeting or agenda. Each section offers resources and references and job aids.

Interested in any of these books?

Fusion Center P/CRCL Officers may borrow any of these books for 30 days. The CRCL Institute will ship you the book and offer telephone technical assistance, if requested. Email your requests to FusionCenterTraining@hq.dhs.gov or call 202-357-6260.

Source: The DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.
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