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The CRCL Institute maintains a small lending library of training skills books for use by Fusion Center P/CRCL Officers who wish to refine their training presentation, design, evaluation skills. These are just a sampling of books available on these topics from professional trainer sources.


"Energize Your Training: Creative Techniques to Engage Learners", (245 pp.) Contains a series of short, practical lists of ideas that guide you through the entire process from assessing learner needs to evaluating the results. Includes chapters on creating effective "job aids"; facilitating your session; tips on how people learn and ways; how to boost retention; managing a group; and exploring technology from basic to advanced.


"Interactive Lectures: Power Up Your Training with Interactive Games and Exercises", (135 pp.) Short easy-to-follow suggestions on ways to make your lectures more interactive by incorporating games, two-way conversations and other techniquest to bring more life to your lecture. This book is organized into 7 categories: Some of the categories include "interspersed tasks", "integrated quizzes", "participant control", and "assessment-based learning".


"10 Steps to Successful Presentations", (189 pp.) This book offers a roadmap to conducting a successful presentation. It addresses overlooked steps such as defining a purpose for your presentation from the learners' perspective; making sure the room does not undermine the message, as well as tips on your preparation and how to handle difficult situations during the session.


Harvard Business Review: Guide to Persuasive Presentations, (44 pp.) A series of short, practical articles from HBR specifically designed for trainers who are terrified of speaking in front of a group. This book will help the trainer win over tough crowds, create visuals, connect and engage your audience


"Hold On, You Lost Me! Use Learning Styles to Create Training that Sticks", (133 pp.) This book guides you through a 4-step question process suggested by the author to design a training. (Why? What? How? If?)


"Presentation Skills Training", (203 pp.) This book is a practical, easy-to-use guide to developing effective presentation skills. It considers the presenter's needs for a one-hour speech or two day training event. It includes templates, ice breakers, and tools. This book is a one-stop-shop for effective presentation skills training.


"10 Steps to Successful Facilitation", (185 pp.) As part of subject matter expert training, you may wish to use a discussion to make the learning points and to have the group solve a problem. This guide distinguishes between the roles of "Presenter" and "Facilitator" and offer tips on how to manage a group. It also includes self-assessment checklists for your use in building skills in this area.

Interested in any of these books?

Fusion Center P/CRCL Officers may borrow any of these books for 30 days. The CRCL Institute will ship you the book and offer telephone technical assistance, if requested. Email your requests to FusionCenterTraining@hq.dhs.gov or call 202-357-6260.

Source: The DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.
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